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As leading experts in campaign analytics, BrandVerge leverages data to optimize performance. Our analytics provide transparency into how your campaigns are driving real business results.

What Does Campaign Analytics Involve and Why Do You Need It?

Campaign analytics involves collecting and analyzing data across initiatives to gain actionable insights. It enables data-driven optimization to improve campaign efficiency and effectiveness.

What is Campaign Analytics?

Campaign analytics refers to the practice of collecting and analyzing data from marketing campaigns across channels in order to gain actionable insights. This enables brands to optimize performance by understanding campaign impacts on metrics like audience reach, engagement, conversions, and bottom-line business results. Effective campaign analytics is essential for improving marketing ROI over time.

What can campaign analytics do for you?

  • Identify high and low performing elements
  • Uncover customer insights
  • Refine targeting and messaging
  • Optimize budget allocation
  • Prove campaign ROI

Brandverge Campaign Analytics Services

Our campaign analytics team provides the data-driven insights you need to optimize performance across initiatives. Leveraging industry-leading analytics platforms, we deliver transparency into how your campaigns are reaching and engaging audiences. Our expertise translates data into strategic recommendations to refine targeting, creative, budgets and more. With custom reporting and proven optimization methodologies, we help shape strategies that boost marketing ROI.

Advertising Campaign

Campaign analytics evaluates performance of specific advertising initiatives across paid media channels to optimize reach, engagement and conversion rates.


Analytics identifies customer segments to enable personalized messaging and experiences that resonate with target audiences.

Target Market

Analytics defines audience demographics, interests, and media habits to determine optimal target markets and tailor messaging.

Strategic Management

Analytics guides data-driven decision making and strategic optimizations to campaign elements like messaging, creative and channel mix.

Marketing Strategy

Analytics informs marketing strategies and media plans by identifying high value audiences, platforms and creatives.


Analytics measures brand lift, sentiment and engagement to optimize initiatives that build brand affinity and equity.

Market Segmentaton

Analytics reveals customer subgroups to allow tailored messaging and experiences for key segments that drive performance.


Analytics models map customer journeys across touchpoints to attribute conversions and sales to specific campaigns and media.

Why Should You Trust Us As Your Campaign Analytics Experts?

Our comprehensive analytics provide the transparency and insights you need to continuously improve campaign performance and prove marketing ROI.

What campaign analytics experience do we have?

Our team has decades of collective expertise successfully planning, negotiating, managing and optimizing media buys across every major platform and channel.

How do BrandVerge conduce campaign analytics?

We continually test and analyze results from new platforms, placements and technologies to identify emerging media opportunities to better engage your audience. 

What makes our approach unique?

Our relentless focus on optimizing based on data-driven insights and our deep expertise in both traditional and digital media allow us to execute integrated strategies that engage audiences holistically across channels.

Why choose our campaign analytics services?

We are proven media buying experts committed to expanding reach, driving meaningful engagement and delivering measurable growth through targeted, optimized campaigns tailored for your brand’s specific audiences and goals.

How Does Our Campaign Analytics Process Work?

Next, we leverage our relationships and buying power to negotiate competitive rates and secure premium ad placements across TV, radio, digital, social and more. 

How do we execute and optimize campaigns? 

Throughout the process, we meticulously monitor performance and continuously refine targeting and creative through data-driven testing and analysis to maximize results.

brandverge advertising agency Testimonials

See what our clients have to say about us

Jessica Lange

Senior Marketing Manager at Skip Hop

Fully invested in our success of a brand

The BrandVerge team seamlessly stepped in to manage our organic social program during the maternity leave of our internal manager. The team went above and beyond by not only managing the day to day but truly being strategic thought leaders and driving the channel to incredible growth. The BrandVerge team implemented a new content strategy and even stepped in to create content when needed. This team is fully invested in the success of our brand and the results speak for themselves.

Ryan Montañez

Marketing Director at Skip Hop:

Loved working with Brandverge

What I really loved about working with BrandVerge was how they were so responsive to our feedback and so transparent during the process. They made it easy to work with several influencers at a time and future campaigns. Really great to find a team that creates successful campaigns while being great to work with.

Hollie Alexander

Managing Director at Lucky Generals

Extremely Knowledgable

BrandVerge were an integral agency partner on a recent client. Their ability to help our client understand the media landscape and the right approach for their DTC brand was invaluable. Whether needed simply as consultants very upstream or media planning further down the line, the team at BrandVerge are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and trusted partners of ours. We look forward to working with them on the next project.

Jim Miller

CMO at Dalstrong

Pleased to be working with Brandverge

I had the pleasure of working with Mollie and Lynn on media planning and buying for our marketing campaigns at Dalstrong. Throughout our partnership, I was consistently impressed with their media expertise, strategic thinking, and strong work ethic.

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