Looking for Brand Building Buying?

BrandVerge delivers data-driven media buying solutions tailored to your business. Our team of experts specializes in research-based planning and relentless optimization to expand reach and boost ROI across channels. We seamlessly execute integrated campaigns using audience insights.

What Does Media Buying Involve and Why Do You Need It?

As leading experts in strategic media buying, we utilize targeted ad placements across channels to promote brands effectively. Our extensive experience allows us to reach key demographics through data-driven media purchasing.

What is media buying?

Media buying is the strategic process of purchasing advertising placements across various media channels to promote your brand to new audiences. It requires extensive research to reach your target demographics effectively.

What value does media buying provide? 

Media buying expands your reach and awareness by getting your message seen by more potential customers. It drives engagement by putting your ads on media your audience actively uses. Media buying also generates more qualified leads by reaching prospects when receptivity is highest.

Brandverge Media Buying Services

With decades of collective expertise, our team provides full-service media buying solutions tailored to your brand’s audiences and goals. We specialize in planning, purchasing and optimizing paid ad campaigns across every major media format.

Media Planning

Our media planning experts analyze your target audiences and strategic goals to determine the ideal media mix and placements to effectively reach your customers across platforms.

Audience Measurement 

We utilize advanced audience analytics and measurement tools to gain consumer insights that allow us to refine media strategies to better resonate with your target demographics. 

Social Network Advertising

Our team specializes in managing and optimizing paid social media advertising campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to boost engagement.

Demand-Side Platform 

We leverage proprietary demand-side platforms to access inventory and programmatically buy advertising placements targeted to your audience at scale.

Search Advertising

Our data-driven approach to search advertising ensures your brand appears at the right time in front of motivated customers actively searching for your products or services.

Out-of-home Advertising

We strategically select impactful out-of-home advertising opportunities from billboards to transit ads to increase brand visibility among relevant demographics.

Advertising Management 

We handle all aspects of campaign management from initial planning to post-campaign analysis, overseeing each initiative seamlessly from start to finish.

Advertising Research

Combining advanced analytics with human insights, our advertising research identifies new opportunities to engage your audience across emerging and established media channels. 

Data Driven Marketing 

Our team leverages data-driven insights around your products, customers and results to inform strategic marketing decisions and create effective campaigns.

Retail Media

We help brands optimize and measure retail media advertising through partnerships with ecommerce sites, using product feeds and analytics.

Why Should You Trust Us As Your Media Buying Experts?

Our relentless focus on data-driven optimization and integrated strategies makes us trusted media buying specialists. We expand reach while boosting engagement and sales through customized media buys.

What experience do we have?

Our team has decades of collective expertise successfully planning, negotiating, managing and optimizing media buys across every major platform and channel.

How do we stay ahead of media trends?

We continually test and analyze results from new platforms, placements and technologies to identify emerging media opportunities to better engage your audience. 

What makes our approach unique?

Our relentless focus on optimizing based on data-driven insights and our deep expertise in both traditional and digital media allow us to execute integrated strategies that engage audiences holistically across channels.

Why choose our custom media buying services?

We are proven media buying experts committed to expanding reach, driving meaningful engagement and delivering measurable growth through targeted, optimized campaigns tailored for your brand’s specific audiences and goals.

How Does Our Comprehensive Media Buying Process Work?

Leveraging research, relationships and analytics, we execute a proven media buying process that targets your customers, secures premium inventory, optimizes performance and proves ROI. Our comprehensive approach drives real results.

How do we identify the right media mix?

First, our team conducts in-depth research into your ideal customer demographics and their media habits. This allows us to select the optimal mix of platforms and placements to reach your audience.

How do we get the best inventory deals?

Next, we leverage our relationships and buying power to negotiate competitive rates and secure premium ad placements across TV, radio, digital, social and more. 

How do we execute and optimize campaigns? 

Throughout the process, we meticulously monitor performance and continuously refine targeting and creative through data-driven testing and analysis to maximize results.

How do we provide performance transparency?

We deliver comprehensive analytics reporting and tie campaigns back to real business metrics like sales or leads. This demonstrates the concrete ROI we deliver.