Spring 2021 Intern Spotlight: Amanda Perdomo



When I first started to think about what the future had in store for me after my college graduation,  I was completely and utterly lost. I could barely grasp how to navigate my way around my classes, let alone figure out where I wanted to be in the next 5 years. Throughout college, I started to become extremely passionate about why people behave the way they do: what drives human emotion and connection? Why do people group themselves in the ways that we do? Through my sociology classes and political science discussion, I slowly started to curate a passion that can translate itself into a potential future career. It was not until I did my first marketing internship my sophomore summer did I realize that the world of advertising and marketing was just what I was craving to be a part of: fast-paced meetings, product analysis, and a new challenge every single day. 

However, although my first marketing and social media experience was a memorable one, I left the company without a complete understanding of what a true marketing job entailed: some days, I spent more time scrolling through my own Instagram feed waiting for a task than I did helping their own media channels, or organizing their email archives more than I did actually drafting emails. I craved a position that would truly show me the field that I so desperately wanted to learn more of. 

Enter: Brandverge. When I first talked to Mollie and Lynn for the first time during our interview process, I knew that this was a company that truly cared about every single individual on their team, even the interns! The company mission is so extremely useful in today’s marketing world, that I was in actual shock that something like this has not been used before. While I have only been with the team for two weeks now, I have had so many conversations, meetings, and projects than I did in the first two months of my other internships. Moving forward, you will see a lot of me with the blog posts, managing the social media channels, and helping out on marketing Brand Verge to the broader community. Stay tuned! 

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