2023 Nielsen Annual Marketing Report



The 2023 Nielsen “Annual Marketing Report” presents statistics covering the necessity of consistent measurement tools for digital marketing. With the emergence of Smart TVs and other forms of digital media, marketers are able to engage their audiences in a new and flexible way. 

Although 84% of marketers are increasing their spending across all digital channels, less than half view this spending as effective. Marketers express low confidence in the ability to measure return on investment (ROI) across all channels. 

In recent years, the increased spending across digital video in the U.S. reflects consumers’ shift to streaming, including connected TV (CTV). Even though there is an increase in spending for CTV, marketers still view other digital channels as more effective. Again, this is partly due to challenges in measuring ROI. 

Without dependable measurement tools, marketers cannot make informed mixed media decisions. 52% of global marketers focused solely on reach and frequency metrics, under-utilizing their marketing technology. In addition, using multiple measurement tools can become too complex. On average, 62% of marketers globally use multiple measurement solutions to arrive at cross-media measurement. 

With the rise of digital devices and platforms, marketers face the challenge of effectively measuring and comparing data across these different platforms. This need arises from the fact that consumers now use various devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TVs to access digital content.
To address this issue, marketers require measurement tools that offer consistent and comparable data across all platforms. These tools should be capable of capturing and analyzing consumer behavior, engagement, and conversion rates across different devices and platforms.
Effective measurement tools should also provide insights into user demographics, interests, and preferences, enabling marketers to understand their target audience better and tailor their strategies accordingly. By having access to comprehensive and consistent data, marketers can optimize their advertising campaigns, content creation, and customer experience across all platforms.
Additionally, measurement tools should be able to accurately attribute conversions and track customer journeys across multiple touchpoints. This way, marketers can determine the impact of different platforms and devices on the consumer’s decision-making process and allocate their budgets effectively.

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