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Last week the IAB NewFronts were hosted on Vimeo via livestream with HQ Trivia’s Scott Rogowski as host. Big industry names such as Hulu, Snap and TikTok presented their new ad offerings, how each organization pledges to tackle diversity and inclusion, and offered data on how COVID-19 impacted audience interactions with their brands. BrandVerge was asked by the IAB to create an exclusive marketplace where advertisers and buyers can connect with presenters to learn more information on potential partnerships. 

Throughout the week, BrandVerge has had buyers interact with the IAB marketplace from across the country. In the marketplace, buyers can learn more information about the presenting companies, their ad offerings and their audience. The marketplace has in-app messenger tools that allows for media buyers and sellers to interact on the platform and see if a partnership would be a good fit. 

For those who had the weekend to think over some of the presentations and wish to explore the partnerships available the marketplace, it will be available for the next three months, only requiring the email used for registration to NewFronts to gain access. 

To access the marketplace and gain more insight on each publisher’s offerings, click here

Crackle Plus

Crackle and its parent company, Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, aim to share content that uplifts and empowers. Crackle Plus was created in partnership with Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment and Sony Television Pictures. Their NewFronts presentation highlighted Crackle’s 200-some hours of original and exclusive content programming, from a pet channel for new pet owners to a music channel aimed as an alternative to the concerts and festivals people are missing out on due to social distancing guidelines. It is an advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) streaming service, with much of its user base not minding ads in exchange for free streaming of television programs and movies. 

As part of its presentation, Crackle Plus unveiled two new ad products: “FreeView” – an interactive ad that will run pre-roll, which will eliminate the interruption of a mid-roll program during streaming – and “Jumbotron,” a branded video experience on Crackle’s homepage that can be either short-form or a full episode. 


Tubi, recently acquired by Fox Entertainment, calls itself the “closest thing to free Netflix.” Viewers can watch programs such as The Masked Singer or Lego Masters. Similar to Crackle Plus, Tubi is a free AVOD streaming service. 


Snapchat’s presentation referred heavily to its user base dubbed the “Snapchat generation.” Its user growth is up 20% to 229 million daily individuals, who, on average, visit the app 30 times per-day. Snapchat offers partnerships via its curated Discover page that attracts 15 million unique viewers. 

The app now offers opportunities for advertisers with Snap Originals, with shows featuring stars such as Will Smith and Alicia Keys in Smith’s “Will from Home”and Keys’s “A-List Bookclub.”  

Condé Nast

Condé Nast’s presentation began with the changes that need to be made within the company, specifically at its publication Bon Appétit to create equal opportunities for its BIPOC workers. 

In terms of content, Condé Nast has a plethora of programs scheduled for 2021. This includes a pledge of 150 new pieces of content, whether that be new podcasts, video pilots or social media series, as well as Prime Live and Prime Shoppable. Prime Live is an opportunity for brands to own cultural events such as the Vanity Fair Oscar red carpet and Vogue’s Met Gala. Prime Shoppable will make it easier for users who see a product they like in videos such as Vogue’s Beauty Secrets and purchase it online.

Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports offers cross-platform franchises with programs such as Token CEO, Call Her Daddy, Chicks in the Office and Battle Rap Radio. With each of these franchises comes a huge follower base that is loyal and engaged. The publisher’s TikTok page has grown by 1 million unique subscribers at a pace of 800,000 followers per month. 

The Wall Street Journal and Barron’s Group

The Wall Street Journal kicked off day three of the conference saying that pay and membership of the publication are at an all time high despite hits many businesses have taken due to the coronavirus and consumer trust of the news being at an all time low. This is because the publication still holds the trust of its audience of executive investors, influencers, policy makers and decision makers, in addition to its programs targeted at college campuses and student audiences, presenters said. This trust was credited to the paper’s approach to being more fact-based and less opinion-based. 

For its ad offerings, The Trust and The Exchange were featured. The Trust would connect brands with the publications audience through branded content. The Exchange features four distinct products: Thematic, SafeSuite, Project InSite and Trust Direct. Thematic has targeting technology to reach your brand’s audience. SafeSuite would ensure brand safety. Project InSite offers brands first-party data and Trust Direct publishes content directly through the Wall Street Journals’ CMS. To summarize, The Exchange offers first-party data and pre-and post-campaign audience insights for brands. 

VICE Media Group 

Vice Media Group began its presentation with powerful words from Marsha Cooke, senior vice president of Impact at VICE Media Group. 

“VICE is doubling down on our brand safety stance and calling upon advertisers to support journalism and the stories that matter by asking the media to call upon their agencies to review and question the words that make up their block lists,” Cooke said. 

Brands cannot post a black square for Black Lives Matter and then request that words such as “black people,” “black lives matter” or “protest” be put on block lists.

The presentation stated that the company’s audience of people 18-to-34 are interested and seeking out the news. They go to VICE because they trust the organization and its work that stand apart from traditional media outlets. A few weeks ago VICE launched VICE World News, which presents news from the ground-up with immersive storytelling that empowers young voices from around the world to recount what is happening in their countries. VICE also formed a partnership with iHeartMedia for its podcast Vice News Reports. 


Forbes led a panel discussion with esteemed CMO’s from Lowes, Cadillac and Snap Inc. These CMOs, along with Jessica Sibley, chief revenue officer and Jenny Rooney, Communities Director and Chair of the CMO Network at Forbes, discussed how they make important decisions, innovative ways to grow business and and representation and inclusion practices. Brands should advocate for and celebrate diverse identities. 


Vibenomics helps businesses control their vibe to provide unique audio for commercial business through OTT services. To do this, the company takes advantage of three key trends: programmatic, audio on-the-go and out-of-home advertising. 

A partnership with Vistar Media was also announced during the presentation that will leverage audio out-of-home advertising. 

The takeaways of the presentation – “salience drives purchase” and “audio can’t be ignored.” 


GSTV, or Gas Station TV, might be a name familiar to many car owners. GSTV is a video platform that offers a reprieve from boredom while pumping your car with gas with programs such as “The Godfather” or advertisements such as the Moonpie child. GSTV reaches more than 24,000 locations, with 91% of Americans living within 10 miles of it. The company offers a first party database of geo locations of fuel transactions. 


TikTok is one company that has seen major growth in response to the pandemic as it gives users a platform for self-expression, creativity and authenticity. TikTok created a mobile native, sound-on environment. 

Blake Chandlee, vice president of Global Business Solutions at TikTok, gave three key takeaways from the platform. The first being growth, diversity of content and engagement of audience. The second being the role of brands on the platform. For this, a successful partnership with a cosmetics company was shown where branded content created a TikTok trend in the beauty vertical amongst users. Lastly, TikTok offers brands measurable packages. 

The theme of the last day of NewFronts was gaming. 3BLACKDOT, a game publication that offers premium content gaming and sits at the intersection of gaming and culture offers a viewership over 6 billion. It offers brands proprietary distribution, unlimited engagement of an energetic, hard-to-reach consumer base and monetization tools.

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