Have you heard? We updated our website!



We have great news! If you haven’t noticed already, we have updated our marketing website! 

We redesigned the site to help better encapsulate our business. Keep reading to learn more about why. 

As you may already know, BrandVerge is a tech-enabled agency that combines media expertise with a proprietary platform that unlocks the network, resources, and scale to deliver results to your business. In short, our proprietary platform makes it easier for buyers and sellers to connect and transact, and our agency service partners with brands to help execute their media and marketing campaigns.  

Since we are a company that operates on both sides of the advertising spectrum, we wanted our website to accurately reflect this focus. Our previous website centered primarily on the platform, and we feel that it is key to elevate the presence of our agency offering to drive awareness toward brands who are looking for a unique agency solution. One that can act as an extension of their team as their ongoing partner for their media and marketing needs. Our new website clearly delineates the range of services we offer, making it easier for potential clients to navigate. 

Furthermore, we wished to emphasize our level of expertise and our company’s mission to create a better portrait of who BrandVerge is. By highlighting our 20+ years of experience, we are able to show the range of insight we can provide to our clients. Moreover, by clarifying our mission to be a transparent and flexible partner for brands as they grow, we can showcase our commitment to work as an extension of your team, with a very high level of efficiency. 

We hope you find our website not only more appealing to look at, but also more informative for all of your BrandVerge needs. So go on ahead! We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about us! 

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