Co-Founder Lynn Browne Partners with PMG’s Peggy Lin to Write White Paper on What to Expect in H2 of 2020



The brute impact that COVID-19 brought upon many industries has left companies to figure out ‘where do we go from here?’ Brands and publishers needed to adapt to the changing needs and interests of their audiences and decipher best approaches to reach them during a global pandemic, mass unemployment and civil unrest. To help brands navigate new ways to optimize their media spend in 2020 and beyond , BrandVerge co-founder Lynn Browne and Peggy Lin, client strategy partner at PMG, created a white paper that overviews trends and recommendations for the future. This document was created to overview high-level paid media insights and implications and essentially become an actionable guide as your business evolves.

A lot of data gathered for the white paper came from what we observed across the BrandVerge marketplace – which contextual vertical brands sought out, trends in search histories related to the IAB NewFronts this past June and popular platforms and formats for advertising.

As BrandVerge has noted in the past, podcasting is an increasingly popular platform for sponsored advertisements as audience numbers grow. The pandemic did not negatively affect podcasts, rather BrandVerge reports that podcast offerings increased by 25% on the platform since the beginning of stay at home orders.

The report also provides insight on trends from the IAB NewFronts, for which BrandVerge powered a private marketplace experience. According to the report (and our data), “30% of all NewFronts related searches include budget restrictions,” suggesting that albeit interests remain high in upfront deals, “buyers are more sensitive to spending, and most are maxing out at the $500K price point. Top content verticals are lifestyle, news/media, and the most searched for company was Snap post-event.”

Among the document’s suggestions for capitalizing on the aforementioned trends is the idea to use this time of unique circumstance to rethink or disrupt your current brand strategy.

Read the full report here.

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