CEO Talk Clubhouse Recap: Thank you!



This week, the BrandVerge team hosted our very first networking event on the Clubhouse app, an up and coming digital platform focused on creating interactive audio chats with people worldwide. For our first talk, our CEO’s Mollie Kehoe and Lynn Browne hosted a casual chat on their experiences starting a company from scratch. This is only the beginning of our series on Clubhouse in which we dive into topics ranging from entrepreneurship, marketing trends, and workplace advice, so follow our founders on Clubhouse to be notified when we host our next amazing talk! 

Mollie and Lynn started off the conversation by giving the audience a brief introduction on how they got started within the advertising and sales industry.  They both realized the shortcomings of both the buying and selling side of companies, their experiences in their first jobs after college. This was the driving force behind wanting to create BrandVerge. 

Their main point of advice when it came to wanting to start a business was to create a business plan, talk to as many people and mentors as possible, cement relationships with your investors early on, and be prepared to make more mistakes than successes at times.  

Starting a business is never easy, so being able to balance CEO responsibilities was a crucial aspect in the success of BrandVerge. The audience chimed in with questions ranging from the impact that COVID-19 has had on their clients and future partnerships to the technological aspects of starting your own business. 

We want to extend a huge thanks to everyone who was able to show up and hear our amazing CEO’s bring to light the tips that worked for them in becoming a leading premium advertising platform!

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