BrandVerge Announces Partnership with Mobiquity, Unlocking Programmatic Efficiencies for Concierge Clients



BrandVerge and Mobiquity Technologies have formed a strategic partnership to integrate programmatic and direct media buying opportunities for publishers and advertisers alike. You can read the full press release for more details here however we wanted to break down what this means for our current and future clients.

Mobiquity owns the Advangelist programmatic media buying platform, which allows advertisers to deliver highly targeted digital advertising at scale, while also managing the world’s largest POI (Points of Interest) location database. BrandVerge’s access to this tech stack enables advertisers to run highly efficient media campaigns that are hyper-targeted to reach the right audience and deliver a strong ROI.

Marketers have historically relied on the BrandVerge platform for upper funnel campaigns such as custom content, sponsorships and integrations however we know that delivering reach and driving efficient sales is always a marketing priority. Partnering with Mobiquity allows us to now offer programmatic solutions directly to our customers through our Concierge services. This means that BrandVerge customers or new clients that are interested in our Concierge services can confidently plan all media tactics through our team. 

Getting started is simple. Just identify a project or campaign we can help you tackle, and brief us on your goals. Once that is done we will pool our expertise and resources to make a strategic budget and tactic-level recommendation for your campaign. Once we’re aligned on an overall approach, we’ll go to market and negotiate like hell to get you the best rates and set your campaign up for success. 

Interested in learning more? Book a consult here to see how we can help achieve your marketing goals– whatever they may be.

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