Authentic Storytelling is the Key to Influencer Marketing



The integration of personal stories in marketing ads is becoming a lucrative and unique way to advertise. In a recent article released in AdWeek, Author Alexandra Bower, discusses the significance of “Authentic Storytelling is the Key to Influencer Marketing.” During the conversation, Bayer Consumer Health’s VP of Brand Integration who also partners with AdWeek on influencer content, highlights the wide-ranging effects of influencer vulnerability on marketing campaigns and the power of storytelling. 

Why is an authentic brand story important?

We all know influencers quickly became giants in the social media space by building their personal brands and letting the world see their most personal life moments. That is why it is crucial to have genuine brand-creator partnerships. The importance of campaigns coming off as real and organic has a long-lasting impact on both brands and their consumers. If brands are providing products to creators in exchange for content marketing with no further communication, it comes off as very transactional and inauthentic to the creators’ audience. On the other hand, if brands are allowing creators, the storytellers, to sit with their products and share their genuine opinions with their customers, this will help form a trusting connection between their audience and the brand. 

The art of brand storytelling is also very powerful when it comes to attracting the creators’ audience and paving meaningful connections and messages. Allowing creators to speak about the product in their own organic way is very crucial to convey relatable stories with authenticity, rather than relying on scripted content. There is a growing frustration among brands with influencers who just want to make a check, rather than provide their followers with unique, authentic stories behind their products. In order to really build that narrative, it’s necessary to stand out instead of simply reading off the brand’s selling points.

How can we help your brand connect with your customers?

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