As Search and Social Converge Marketers Spy an Opportunity



In a recent AdWeek article titled “As Search and Social Converge Marketers Spy an Opportunity”, the author discusses how marketers are recognizing the potential of integrating Google-like search functionalities and creator-style content on various social platforms. The online landscape has undergone significant disruptions, making it increasingly challenging for individuals to discover information. However, these disruptions also present a lucrative opportunity for marketers. Consequently, social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram are striving to compete with Google by introducing new advertising formats.

According to a September 2022 Insider Intelligence report, “Growth in U.S. ad spending on search is expected to slow in the next three years, as search faces more competition from other media, notably Amazon and retail media providers.” As online users increasingly shift away from Google, they are discovering alternative platforms to fulfill their information needs. Influencers have swiftly gained dominance in the media landscape, prompting users to turn to platforms like TikTok and Instagram for sourcing information. Google executives have found “almost 40% of young people are using Instagram and TikTok as a search engine.” Though it doesn’t stop there. More users have been using Reddit as a search engine versus Google, as advertisements have made useful links harder to find on the Google platform.

In the most recent developments, both Instagram and TikTok have introduced new search ad formats. Just last week, Instagram announced it was making ads that appear in search results more widely available. 

The intersection between search and social provides an exciting opportunity for brands to reach their lower funnel goals. With search advertising, brands can learn more about their audiences wants and needs, especially at a time of cookie depreciation and privacy concerns are changing. 

Although search ads can be lucrative, some marketers are not keen on giving social platforms the freedom to match ads with relevant searches until more precise keyword targeting is available. For example, influencers often mix random hashtags that have nothing to do with their content to gain more views. This may get even more complicated if advertisers are in the mix.

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