A Lack of Face-to-Face Meetings Does Not Have to Result in the Elimination of Meaningful Partnerships



Face-to-face contact with those outside of your own  household draws weariness with masks on and a 6-foot distance protocol set in place. The days of happy hours and business lunches designed to build a relationship  with a potential partner or client are now a thing of the past. In this new environment, making contacts and creating personable connections is difficult. However, we have some good news…BrandVerge is  the tool to help alleviate that stress. 

Even without the pandemic, it was hard to make contacts with media planners at certain companies if a previous connection was not established. With the pandemic, it has become even more tedious. 

However, now is the time for publishers to connect with brands they have long desired to work with. Especially given the move by many brands to remove advertising from Facebook and other social media platforms, and perhaps turn to alternative publisher options. 

“Publishers’ ability to create branded content for advertisers sets them apart from platforms like Google and Facebook,” according to a Digiday article. “Over the next 12 months, the role of content within marketing campaigns will play an even more significant role as companies wrestle with how they tell a differentiated story after so much change.” 

While the pandemic certainly put a halt to many plans, both personally and professionally, and has forced companies to accommodate social distancing guidelines with work-from-home, it has also called for a shift in strategies. 

The world is stressful enough, let BrandVerge be a tool that eases the strain of virtual-only connections. 

Request a demo here or email contact@gobrandverge.com for any questions. 

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