An Omni-channel CPG Brand is experiencing rapid growth, offering a range of sustainable products, designed to cater to various needs across different life stages. This not only includes offerings for adults, but also addresses specific concerns for younger audiences as they progress through their teenage years.

As part of the brand’s expansion plans, they aimed to enhance their marketing efforts through a comprehensive strategy that spanned various advertising channels, encompassing both display and video content. The primary goal was to reach and engage a diverse audience across multiple platforms, with the aim of maximizing brand visibility and interaction with potential customers.


In order to achieve the goals of the Omni-Channel CPG Brand, BrandVerge effectively implemented a comprehensive multi-channel strategy, utilizing both display and video advertising. They employed a cross-functional plan that aimed to enhance awareness and drive online purchases through the brand’s website, ultimately maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS). The media plan focused on precise measurement, advanced targeting methods, and creative variations. BrandVerge executed specific strategies to attract new potential customers to the website through proactive outreach efforts. Simultaneously, they strategically re-engaged users who had previously shown interest, guiding them further along the conversion path. This seamless integration of prospecting and retargeting tactics resulted in a cohesive and efficient campaign that produced outstanding outcomes. 


Through the integration of various audience segments, including 1st-party CRM audiences, 3rd-party audiences, AI-driven Audience Lookalike Expansion, and Page Context AI, BrandVerge successfully attracted new users through display advertising. This approach aimed to increase brand recognition, engagement, and bring qualified consumers to the Omni-Channel CPG Brand’s website. Crucially, this diversified marketing strategy allowed the brand to connect with potential customers who closely aligned with the desired demographic, resulting in a notable uptick in website traffic.


BrandVerge skillfully employed a combination of retargeting channels, including display and video, using engaging creative content to re-engage with individuals who had previously shown interest in their offerings. By using conversion lookalike audiences and retargeting visitors to the website, BrandVerge effectively led potential customers further down the conversion path, resulting in increased conversion rates and a notably strong return on ad spend (ROAS).


1st-Party CRM Data: The CPG Brand leveraged their first-party data to target users who had displayed an interest in their offerings. BrandVerge also built a lookalike audience based on an existing customer list through Audience Lookalike Expansion. This approach allowed them to broaden their outreach and engage potential customers who shared similar characteristics with the current customer base.

Page Context AI: Utilizing Page Context AI, BrandVerge ensured that ads were placed in contexts relevant to the ad content. This strategic placement led to an improved return on ad spend (ROAS) by understanding the themes and topics of the pages, thus accurately identifying audience interests and intent. This, in turn, resulted in delivering ads to a more receptive audience and an increase in conversion rates.

Dynamic Retargeting: Dynamic retargeting was implemented to re-engage users in a personalized manner. This approach enabled the presentation of a wider range of products tailored to each consumer’s preferences.

Keyword Exclusion & Exclusion Lists: First-party exclusion lists were employed to focus advertising efforts on acquiring new customers. This was achieved by creating and excluding retargeting audiences comprising users who had recently converted. The exclusion of specific keywords provided control and refinement over the context in which ads appeared, ensuring brand safety and enhancing overall campaign performance.


Through a programmatic trial, BrandVerge successfully enhanced brand awareness and boosted sales for the CPG Brand’s direct-to-consumer (DTC) channels, ultimately maximizing return on ad spend (ROAS). Over a six-month period, the display and online video campaigns resulted in over 20,000 unique conversions and an impressive click-through rate (CTR) of 0.23%. This outstanding achievement translated into reported revenue surpassing two million dollars on the StackAdapt platform.

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Jessica Lange

Senior Marketing Manager at Skip Hop

Fully invested in our success of a brand

The BrandVerge team seamlessly stepped in to manage our organic social program during the maternity leave of our internal manager. The team went above and beyond by not only managing the day to day but truly being strategic thought leaders and driving the channel to incredible growth. The BrandVerge team implemented a new content strategy and even stepped in to create content when needed. This team is fully invested in the success of our brand and the results speak for themselves.

Ryan Montañez

Marketing Director at Skip Hop:

Loved working with Brandverge

What I really loved about working with BrandVerge was how they were so responsive to our feedback and so transparent during the process. They made it easy to work with several influencers at a time and future campaigns. Really great to find a team that creates successful campaigns while being great to work with.

Hollie Alexander

Managing Director at Lucky Generals

Extremely Knowledgable

BrandVerge were an integral agency partner on a recent client. Their ability to help our client understand the media landscape and the right approach for their DTC brand was invaluable. Whether needed simply as consultants very upstream or media planning further down the line, the team at BrandVerge are extremely knowledgeable, collaborative and trusted partners of ours. We look forward to working with them on the next project.

Jim Miller

CMO at Dalstrong

Pleased to be working with Brandverge

I had the pleasure of working with Mollie and Lynn on media planning and buying for our marketing campaigns at Dalstrong. Throughout our partnership, I was consistently impressed with their media expertise, strategic thinking, and strong work ethic.