AdExchanger Touts BrandVerge as a Tool for Faster & Easier Sponsored Content Deals

BrandVerge is happy to be recognized by AdExchanger as a faster and easier way for media companies and advertisers to to create sponsored content deals. We shorten the deal-making process by an average of 67%, and let our clients spend more time on the creative ideation and execution that makes these premium partnerships so valuable. The article went on to highlight the value that some of our best clients get from BrandVerge on a daily basis.

“We are a nimble company, and we don’t have a media buyer on staff,” said Earthbound Brands marketing director Ryane Montanez. The small brand management agency doesn’t have a media team. “Before, it felt like reaching out to a black hole. Instead of going to 100 people on my own, BrandVerge helps me get connected directly with media companies.”

So, thank you to AdExchanger for the coverage and to our amazing clients who continue to support the BrandVerge mission as we continue to make the process even easier.

Lynn Browne