How To: Effectively Share Your Brand Story

It’s A Marathon, Not A Sprint
In today’s performance-focused marketing economy, there is a priority placed on immediate revenue returns. While this is critical for the short-term, especially for brands who are looking to quickly scale, it’s important not to lose sight of the long-term effects on the brand. If every dollar spent on marketing and media must have an immediate impact on revenue, it may be easy to disregard the need for brand building and nurturing brand affinity with customers. Without regard for the brand, media can quickly become a slippery slope of competitive brands, with little differentiation, bidding for the same audiences and caught in an efficiency sprint to the bottom. 

With creative storytelling, brands can instill a deeper level of customer engagement for sustainable, long-term growth. But what does successful storytelling mean for a company or brand? As shared in our last blog, it’s about creating the connection that customers crave from the brands they associate with. Creative storytelling provides brands the opportunity to share ‘why we exist’ in a genuine way. It offers the ability to humanize a company, shows that they can relate to consumers or other businesses, and that the brand understands them and their values. 

Example: Storytelling To Connect with a New Audience 

Doritos/Frito-Lay recently demonstrated the effects of having a strong, differentiated brand with the launch of their recent ‘Logo Goes Here’ campaign. While Doritos has the benefits of being a market leader and house-hold name, they pushed the boundaries of storytelling to connect with the Gen Z audience. With the insight that younger consumers are more likely to ‘reject traditional advertising’, Doritos’ campaign shares the products legacy in a relatable way, while also removing the actual brand name from all advertisements and products. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-10 at 10.55.11 PM.png

While the ad shares the story of Doritos and differentiates it from others in the category, the tactical placement also ensures it reaches the right audience in a consistent way that doesn’t feel false, shallow or irrelevant. This included: 

  • Launching the campaign ad during 2019 MTV Music Awards

  • An Instagram page that features relevant triangular shapes from pop culture instead of the Doritos themselves

  • Snapchat lens that allows consumers to ‘triangle themselves’, in return creating user generated content tagged with #LogoGoesHere

  • A custom partnership with entertainment and popular culture news site UPROXX 

  • Rebranded URL, directs audiences to

 Even without the Dorito name, the brand is communicating their authentic story and message in a way that will not only targets a new, younger audience, but also grows their long-term brand affinity. 

While this specific tactic surely wouldn’t be effective for every brand, it reinforces principles of effective storytelling for brands:   

  • Promote transparency and consistency

  • Create an authentic connection with your audience 

  • Humanize and engage in a relatable and empathetic way

  • Build a community and network effect with your story 

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Lynn Browne