Choosing The Right Media Partner

How to select the right media partner:

Selecting a media partner is not as tricky as it seems. The best way to get started is to put yourself in your target audience’s shoes or - better yet - talk to friends and family who align with your audience and ask about their media preferences. Use this exercise to build out a consideration set, or exhaustive list of media companies that align well with your target audience. What you’ll want to understand are things like...

  • What podcasts do they listen to?

  • What websites do they frequent? 

  • What newsletters do they subscribe to?

  • Where do they get the news?

  • Where do they look for customer reviews/ratings?

Let’s try one together:

Let’s say you’re trying to reach entrepreneurs with your marketing message. Well, you’re in luck...I’m an entrepreneur! My media journey each day starts with a check of my calendar and the weather on my phone followed by a podcast or two on my commute into the office (some favorites are a16z, Startup Therapy, How I Built This, Ted Radio Hour, Planet Money, and Crime Junkies). Once the day starts, I’m pretty heads down aside from the curated digest of Medium posts and newsletters that make their way to my inbox, as well as a few industry news articles that the team circulates throughout the day (some favorite newsletters are Morning Brew, Product Hunt Daily, The Drum, SaaS Roundup, and Crunchbase Daily).

So what does this mean? Well now you know that I listen to podcasts and read newsletters, so let’s take a step back and think about which ones are most likely to reach even MORE entrepreneurs, like me, that you’re trying to reach. Which ones seem most relevant? Reviewing the list of podcasts, you’ll notice that it makes sense to focus on a16z, Startup Therapy and How I Built This since their content focuses on startups, venture funding, and other topics that are near and dear to an entrepreneur's heart - and the same goes for the Crunchbase Daily SaaS Roundup and perhaps even Product Hunt Daily newsletters.

Tools & Resources:

You can supplement your initial review with tools like comScore, Nielsen, Magellan, Numerator or BrandVerge (shameless plug!) to get more information on these media outlets and what sponsorship packages they have to offer (hint: BrandVerge is perfect for understanding both). At the end of the day, selecting the right media partner is all about understanding your audience (see last week’s blog post for more on that) and their media journey so that you can identify the outlets that will serve as a conduit to reach that audience at scale. 

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