Understanding the content landscape and who to tap into to produce the right content for your brand

Understanding what is out there

Developing and distributing branded content feels like it has become more complicated than ever. It’s hard to navigate and understand what’s possible, especially as the players continue to evolve and the field continues to grow. What program types are available? Who can help my brand create  the right content? What are my options? Which media companies can produce programs that are right for my brand? 

With all of these questions looming over you, and the terminology constantly changing, it can be daunting to know where to start. But remember, at the end of the day, all branded content is meant to help you engage with consumers in a more organic way, to become a part of the conversation and to strengthen consumer ties to your brand. 

So, who understands how to help you do this effectively? Media Companies! Allow your media partners to educate you and help you to understand what is the most effective for the consumers you are trying to reach. 

Borrow brand equity

While your strategy will dictate the type of content that should be produced - awareness campaigns may call for shorter-form messages; a campaign designed to educate may require longer form content - the publishers you decide to work with will know what resonates with their audience. 

Yes, you know your brand best, but remember, media companies have done all the audience development work when it comes to their brand and establishing a voice of authority. They know who their readers (or viewers/ listeners) are, and what those readers are most likely to engage with. That’s why brands partner with them, and that’s why you should work with them when creating your branded content campaigns. Media companies are experts in what their audience wants and what they will pay attention to. Borrow their creative services and brand equity. If you know the audience you are trying to target and reach,  the media companies can bring them to you with contextual and targeted content!

It works

Publishers have made greater investments in native ad formats and branded content production and promotion in recent years. That’s why according to Polar, consumer awareness of a brand increases by 69% after engaging with branded content - purchase intent increases by 51%. Publisher-led branded content remains a high-touch, high-quality investment for brands. It continues to grow as more marketers come into digital and realize that content is an effective way to drive engagement, so as you develop your strategy, work closely with publishers to create content that is going to drive your message forward.

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Lynn Browne