When creating content is the right marketing solution, and how to set yourself up for success.

Content: Marketers’ Definition vs. Consumers’ Definition 

The word “content” is used very liberally in the marketing world. It can mean anything from a short 0:30 second TV spot or small online banner ad, to unique editorial or a custom mural commissioned by a local artist. Consumers, on the other hand, have a much more narrow point of view. They believe that marketing content must have a purpose and deliver value - value can be literal (perhaps a coupon or promotional code) or perceived (new information), but the purpose is what matters most in the decision to pay attention or - more frequently - tune out.

Sounds complicated, right? Well we are here to help. Over the next few weeks we will tap into our expertise and provide helpful recommendations and best practices for creating consumers’ definition of marketing content. Before we get more specific in the weeks ahead, let’s take a step back to understand when content is the right marketing solution and how you can set yourself up for success.

When is content the right solution?

Quick rule of thumb: use content to inform or entertain your customers. Below are just a few scenarios of when you’ll want to create impactful content to reach your customers. Note: this is not an exhaustive list! 

  • Entertain Customers:

    • Tell your unique brand origin story

    • Provide, or sponsor, a unique perspective on your industry

    • Introduce advice from thought leaders 

    • Create an emotional connection that builds brand love

    • Reach a new target audience with your brand messaging/value

    • Delivering an immersive experience

  • Inform Customers:

    • Introduce a new product, solution, or service 

    • Promote your company’s mission 

    • Highlight the core benefits of your brand and products

    • Differentiating your brand’s unique value vs. the competition

    • Introduce best practices for using your brand and products

How can you set yourself up to succeed?

The first step is understanding what success looks like for your company, and how you’re going to measure it, from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective. Once you’ve determined your  objectives, take a step back to understand how everything is related and which are the highest priority. Use these priorities to establish a key metric that can be tracked as a lead indicator of your success - this can be reach, views, clicks, engagements, etc...and will ultimately inform the type of content you choose to create. 

...but more on that next week! 

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Lynn Browne