Effectiveness vs. Efficiency: The Importance of Long-Term Brand Building

With such a focus on short-term results, a brand's long-term effectiveness and 'creative bravery' are at risk. BrandVerge is mitigating that risk with on-demand access to brand building opportunities. Using our platform brands can create lasting impact with consumers. Here’s a short excerpt from Les Binet, head of the advertising agecy adam&eve/DDB:

“Short-termist thinking putting advertising effectiveness at risk

Les Binet, head of effectiveness at adam&eve/DDB, the advertising agency behind John Lewis’ Christmas ads, says: “The efficiency bubble is a real problem.”

Mr Binet is co-author, with Peter Field, of an acclaimed study, The Long and the Short of It: Short and Long-Term Marketing Strategies, which has shown that advertisers should split their spend roughly 60:40 between brand-building and short-term direct response:

“When you look at understanding your customer and focusing on your company’s core proposition, you can increase your effectiveness tenfold”

The pendulum has been swinging dangerously away from brand-building and advertising effectiveness in favour of short-termism and efficiency, according to Mr Binet:

“Businesses that put efficiency first are businesses that are heading for disaster,” he warns. “It’s advertising effectiveness that matters most. Only once you’ve got effectiveness should you worry about efficiency.”

Lynn Browne